WOW Leadership

Creating WOW Leaders

Leadership and Self Confidence Workshops at a Top London University

As part of the Step Up Leadership week at the University, students were engaged in a series of leadership related workshops. Opening the week were workshops on What is Leadership, and Building Self Confidence. In attendance were under graduate, post graduate and MBA students, and a great mix of young and mature students.

The What is Leadership workshop was focused on Ordinarily Different 3C’s of WOW Leadership – Building Coaching Cultures through: Connection, Collaboration and Curiosity. In the workshop the students created a leadership gallery, drawing what leadership meant to them, and then progressed on to explore the 3C’s, and how they could grow their leadership in this way. At the close of the session, they revised their drawings reflecting how they now saw leadership. It was clear the 3C’s were something they had really grasped. The students took away handy tips on how to be a WOW leader in various different capacities, such as at work and in their voluntary capacities within the university. 

The Building Self Confidence Workshop was focused on Ordinarily Different’s 3 concepts to WOW Self Confidence – Mentoring/Role Modelling, Learning, and Neuroscience/NLP practical exercises. During this workshop the students got to explore their own self confidence, and what creates confidence in themselves. They then went onto to explore the 3 concepts of WOW self confidence, discussing and playing around with each concept. The self confidence session left the students with key actions to take away – some students took action there and there on the Mentoring concept, by reaching out to those they admired to ask for mentoring- an excellent result! All the students concluded that they now had valuable tools that they could take away and put into action, there and then in the workshop room.

A fantastic set of workshops, with some very engaging students.

Feedback from the workshops included:

“Bring Sophie back!”, “Sophie is amazing”, “Can we have more of this next year”, “Really useful hints and tips, especially the 3C’s of leadership”, “I really enjoyed the session, gave me lots to think about”.