Cultural Assessment

Diagnostics, Solutions, and Embedding

We will come in and work with you and your staff to identify your cultural and modernisation blueprint. We start with innovation and collaboration part of the WOW,  by using Action Learning to collectively identify what the WOW factors are for your organisation. We will help you and your teams define the solutions that are right for your organisation, and then find the perfect ways to embed your new cultural blueprint.

Action learning is such an integral element of this because it is centred on gaining diverse solutions to what can some times be complex problems. We can use this in your board room and executive meetings, for individual team or multi team relationships, and team building exercises.


We provide innovative, fun and relevant training and learning initiatives for your teams. Scrap the boring PowerPoint snooze-fests! We bring building bricks, paper planes, dough, a bit of humour and even, if you are very lucky, some salsa dancing! We believe in delivering training that is memorable – when you have fun, it’s more likely to stick.

But we don’t just deliver a training session. We want to understand what problem you are trying to solve through training, and then we will support you before and after to make sure it’s learning that sticks!