Sophie has completely changed the approach to learning and development. Learning became fun and interesting and not just something that had to be done to tick a compliance box. Our organisation saw an increase in staff retention which was clear evidence that the development and training programme she introduced was working.

Sophie is very approachable when in need of support using a very effective coaching style that allows you to walk away knowing exactly what needs to be done without Sophie having to make the decisions for you.

Our organisation is always having to change. The Action Learning sessions that Sophie held would end with ideas and actions on how to face these challenges. Sophie would ensure that anyone attending her sessions would contribute in an effective and appropriate manner.

Sophie’s positive and enthusiastic attitude made an impact on the lives of all that worked with her.

Senior Manager – Housing Association


Sophie did a great job of the workshop – she was quick to pick up what we wanted from the session, worked well with us planning it out and excellent facilitation skills (keeping energy levels up and moving through the session to plan).

Leadership Academy Manager, EDF Energy


Sophie had a huge impact on the way I perceive my role as a learning and development professional and my career path. Through coaching she helped me understand my potential, identify opportunities to grow and gain the confidence and courage to become who I wanted to be. Her style is unique, focused on what I could realistically achieve in a timely way and playing to my strengths. Thank you for opening a world of opportunities right in front of my eyes.

Florentina Pascaru, L&D Lead, Atkins


Sophie facilitated an excellent Action Learning Set at Happy for our Senior leadership team.  I was very impressed with the format for the session and the way it gave everyone space to contribute authentically and equally.  The two hour session enabled us to fully explore the subject under discussion with depth and clarity.  I found Sophie to be an insightful and positive presence throughout, keeping us on track whilst also challenging us supportively. I would highly recommend Sophie and Action Learning Sets.

Cathy Buscani, Managing Director, Happy Ltd


In the 3 years or so that I’ve known Sophie she has been a huge influence on me in both my work and personal lives. Her coaching approach and ability to get quickly to the root of the problem have really given me cause to consider my own ways of thinking and my actions on many occasions. Her unique background and individual style really bring something different to group situations and I’ve seen her change the dynamic in the room. She is very creative and inventive and never afraid to throw something new into the mix.

Denise Locke, Head of Service, SPANA


Sophie is inspiring, encouraging and supportive. Her positive attitude, passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Sophie is a truly attentive listener who has encouraged me to think more deeply and consider questions in a way I had not done previously. She never suggests what to do, rather asks questions in order to make me reflect and find solution within me.

She always encourages personal development and, following a discussion about my aspirations, she suggested I looked into Action Learning. The suggestion was perfect.

I ended up signing up for a course, which I found to be extremely interesting and rewarding. I recently held an Action Learning session and Sophie was a very good ‘critical friend’ when providing feedback.

About 6 months ago I felt I was at a crossroad with regards to what direction in career to take and my aspirations for the future. I approached Sophie and through questioning she helped me list a series of objectives to discuss with my coach. The coaching has helped me immensely and I truly believe that the outcome would not have been so positive if I hadn’t had such clear and meaningful objective, for which I have to thank Sophie for.

Sophie is an inspiration every day!

Daniela Adamo, Head of Development, C&C


I have worked with Sophie Bryan for over 15 years, and can confirm she is a genuine, authentic and credible L&D professional and a skilled facilitator. She has positive energy and enthusiasm when working with groups, and engages well with a wide range of audiences. She is creative and innovative in developing ways of promoting positive changes both in individuals and organisation-wide development and performance.  I have no hesitation in recommending Sophie to any organisation.

Nicki Ronchetti, Director, Achieving Your Potential Ltd