Learning from others to create impact

Connection, Collaboration, Curiosity: Learning from others to create impact

Diversity and Collaboration Facilitation at National Energy Company

The energy supplier approached Ordinarily Different Ltd, asking for support in bringing their diversity champions together, in order to create a more holistic approach to Equality and Inclusion, and to seek collaborations from each other. The session was designed to get the group working together on several projects rather than many across the UK. The workshop involved looking at values, purpose and vision for the group. The workshop was fully participative, with the group reflecting, questioning, networking and learning form each other, with some fun and engaging tasks along the way. As an outcome from the workshop, they had some real tangible actions to implement, as well as some visual representations of the actions they made a commitment to take, created through vision boards.

Feedback from the group included: 

“It was great being amongst good people, working on such an engaging topic together”, “Can we do more of this please?”, “The session really helped formulate some great ideas”, “This session brought out the passion in us all”, “This made me realise we are all proactive make change happen”, “I’m impressed by the honest and enthusiastic participation that has come from this group”.