About Us

Are you a CEO who would like some support on cultural direction?

Are you part of a HR department without any Learning/Organisational Development support?

Are you frustrated with why certain things keep happening, or don’t happen when they should?

Perhaps you need to make some big business changes (Agile processes, new systems or tech, outsourcing, in-sourcing, upsizing, down sizing etc) and need to carefully think about the cultural & people part?

Maybe your staff are disengaged, unmotivated or customer feedback isn’t great? Maybe your employee feedback isn’t great either?

Are people issues costing you a lot of money? Are you not getting the right people through the door, or maybe they aren’t delivering in the way you had hoped?

Or have you realised the need to modernise and WOW your people (get flexible, collaborative, innovating, coaching, engaging, rewarding and having fun), and not sure where to start?

If any of the above rings true, we can support you with a range of solutions and areas of expertise. When we say we put the WOW into work, these are the things we can magic up for you:


  • Flexible Working- people working when and where they work best
  • Mind and Body- Health and Fitness, Resilience and Stress Reduction
  • Environment and Ergonomics – that reflect your culture and the modern work place
  • Fun – because we are all more motivated to be part of something if we enjoy it


  • Creative Recruitment – attitude over skill, with innovative attraction and selection methods
  • Agile ways of working – streamlining processes and flexibility to respond to changes, quick
  • Performance Improvement –  enhanced employee performance, positive increase in financial and customer metrics
  • Exceptional Leadership – the modern leader who coaches, encourages and builds on strengths
  • Outstanding Learning & Development – that is relevant and appropriate, memorable and instantly usable
  • Innovation –  involving people in the evolution of the business, thinking creatively and problem solving
  • Coaching Culture – curious to understand and develop, avoiding blame and demands
  • Clear and realised values and behaviours – everyone is involved, believing and living them
  • Customer Excellence and Journey Mapping – understanding how your internal culture effects your external persona and customers


  • Induction- that sets new starters up for success
  • Employee Engagement & Motivation – where everyone wants to come to work, understands why they do what they do, and goes the extra step, because they love what they do
  • Reward and Recognition – that is relevant, sincere and celebrated
  • Positive External Branding – employees are proud to be an ambassador of the organisation
  • Collaborative Communities and Involvement – bringing people together to grow, create and seek solutions

We deliver this is many different ways, but we’ve highlighted 3 of the main ways we do this, through Coaching and Mentoring, and Cultural Diagnostic, or Development