Welcome to Ordinarily Different!

Thanks for stopping by. We’re guessing by the fact you are here, you probably want to know a little more about who we are and what we do.

Ordinarily Different is an organisational development consultancy with, well, a difference. What we mean by organisational development, is that we help organisations grow and evolve, through the power of people.

What makes us different is that we know what the future of work will look like, and how you can create a modern, fit, and performing organisation. And we do this through the power of Action Learning. Action Learning is a method of collective problem solving, where solutions are owned and self directed, rather that imposed, irrelevant and probably don’t work because no-one asked the guy whose job it affects. Eventually all organisations will need to change, to reflect what people want from work. But as you’ve stopped by, you may as well get ahead of the rest, and start your modern evolution now.

So when we say modernise, what do we mean? Well today’s ways of working are starting to become outdated. The 9-5 was created back in a time when we didn’t have a wealth of information and world wide connectivity 24/7. Today at work there needs to be a greater cultural focus. A focus on flexibility, putting your people in control of their work destiny, giving them the freedom and trust to make their own decisions, and mistakes, fail fast, and learn quickly from them. There needs to be a strong focus on innovation and problem solving collaboratively. And how about coaching instead of dictating?

Your company’s success is held within your culture – how you attract your people, retain them, motivate and recognise them, challenge them, develop them, celebrate with them and support them. And there’s a few key ingredients that you need to throw into that recipe to hit the sweet spot! I wonder, do you know what your culture is, as described by your employees… what would they say to the above? And are your managers leaders in the truest sense? What is your leadership culture, what would your employees say about it?  What do you think your staff and customers would say your values are?

Are you ready for the changing world of work?… don’t get left behind, because the revolution has already started!

We aren’t ordinary, we are far from it, in fact we are a bit different. But our premise is that modern workplace practices, the “different”, should be the norm, the “ordinary”, not just watched from the side lines. Companies such as Google, Zappos and Facebook showcase how amazing these practices can be, and maybe you think “that’d never work for us”, we are here to help. We will work with you define what your modern workplace looks like, and help you implement and embed a culture that is relevant to who your are, who your people are, and why you do what you do for your customers. A recipe for success don’t you think?